What is the use of platform stage?

Modular stage platform is an innovative and personalised portable staging system that’s easy to build, making it ideal for schools, event venues, churches and more. The system includes frames, decks, access steps and storage trolleys, with a choice of surface finishes. The stages are also available at three standard heights, with bespoke options available for specific requirements.

The system can be used to create a platform modular stage platform for performers, equipment or a catwalk, and the modular boards are durable enough to stand up to dynamic loads that come from dancing, jumping and cheering. The decks are generally 12mm or 18mm thick and are constructed using a multi-piece laminate to provide resilience against bowing and twisting. Larger 2m x 1m decks also include a central aluminium support strut underneath to minimise surface flex even under the heaviest use.

A modular stage can be built to suit the occasion, with different modules arranged into an asymmetrical or symmetrical shape. This versatility allows the stage to adapt to changing events, and helps ensure that the space is utilised efficiently. It’s also possible to add ramps and safety railings to the system, creating a complete staging solution that’s safe and secure for all kinds of uses.

Modular portable stages are incredibly quick and easy to construct, with the individual module frames fitting together snugly to save time during setup. This is especially important for events adhering to tight project installation timescales, and means that the stage can be ready to go much sooner than a traditional staging system would allow. The modules are also able to be folded up and loaded into trolleys, which can then become part of the assembled stage itself, helping to prevent empty units lying around between events.

In addition to being quick and simple to build, modular portable stages are also light and incredibly strong. They can withstand the dynamic loads of dancing and cheering, and are suited to all kinds of environments, from indoors to outdoors. This versatility makes them a great option for schools and event venues, as they can be set up on any flat or uneven ground without the need for specialist foundations.

Modular stage systems can be supplied in a kit form, giving customers the freedom to choose their own modular design and specification. They can also be supplied in a range of colours and finishes, to suit specific style and branding requirements. Some systems can even be provided with extra accessories, such as ramps, safety railings and storage trolleys, to give the stage a more functional edge.

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