Top 5 Car Museums Around the World

When cars first exploded on the scene over a century ago, they changed the world in profound ways. From architecture and design to business and fashion, our world has been transformed by this mode of transportation, and the automobile museum is a fitting place to celebrate and explore its legacy.

Whether you’re a history buff or an automotive enthusiast, the best car museums around the world offer up an array of interesting vehicles and exhibits, and each one offers a unique glimpse into the past and future of this important technology. So, whether you’re searching for a swanky modern design or a classic American roadster, we’ve found the top 5 most-visited automotive museums that you’ll want to check out next time you’re in the mood to get your motor running.

1. The Porsche Museum

Designed by Vienna’s Delugan Meissl, Stuttgart’s Porsche Museum seems to float above the ground thanks to an ingenious support system of just three V-shaped columns. It’s a stunning structure that looks different from every angle, and the inside is equally eye-catching with around 80 vehicles that cover Porsche’s history from the very beginnings of the brand.

2. The Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany

Founded by a group of car-industry luminaries (including Porsche executive Otto Wachs), the Autostadt is said to be “the world’s super-destination automotive museum” and boasts over 2 million annual visitors. It combines a huge collection of iconic models with a series of interactive and educational displays about the evolution and culture of the automobile. Despite being a massive tourist draw, the museum has stayed true to its roots as an industrial heritage site, and visitors can even take a spin in some of the most famous racing Porsches in history on the autobahn-inspired raceway.

3. The Studebaker National Museum of America in South Bend, Indiana

Originally home to 19th century wagon-maker Studebaker, the city of South Bend, Indiana is now a hub for auto history. The museum was established in 1927 and houses a collection of more than 33 cars—from a gold-plated De Lorean to the car that inspired Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s seminal song Beatnik Bandit—in a parklike setting at the original Studebaker factory.

4. Cite de l’Automobile, Mulhouse, France

The Cite de l’Automobile in the eastern French town of Mulhouse is a Bugatti lover’s dream, with 122 examples of the marque parked among other rare and historic vehicles at this incredible car museum. The museum’s spectacular entrance—designed by Studio Milou in 2006—is a vision of glass, wood and steel, with a series of suspended cars hanging vertically. The museum itself is equally fascinating, a systematic display of how cars have shaped culture and society, with vehicles grouped together regardless of their manufacturer and presented in natural viewing areas. The museum also features a range of non-automobile achievements, such as GM’s 1952 mechanical heart pump, which enabled the first open-heart surgery.

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